Why we say tailors are the core heart of sewing machine? Actually the motive of saying this perfectly suits. To gain the knowledge of sewing a thread a needle is needed, this is worked by tailors. It might be passion for some to learn sewing and do tailoring. Sewing is actually an art of attaching objects using stitches. One question might arise in everyone’s mind. If there is already a sewing machine then what is the use of tailors? The answer to this question is that to make changes to garments, like hemming pants to make them shorter as so on.

Passion Is Fashion

The trending fashion of today’s world has drastically changed the mind set of people towards fashion. The passion towards fashion has raised the bar up. So why tailors should not be required? Every place just machines are not applicable. In small villages and towns tailors are required to stitch clothes and make garments etc. There we can say that except machine fashion for them is tailors who do their job in passion.

Difference between Sewing Machine and Tailoring

There are various types of machines. The major difference between sewing and tailoring is as follows:-

  • A machine is not found in villages and towns. A tailor is always seen in villages and towns.

  • A machine can do one job at on time. A tailor can do multiple tasks at one time.

  • A machine is developed by humans only. All parts and motors are made by humans. A tailor has its own mind and way of doing things.

  • A machine is given instructions on various jobs. A tailor is not given instructions they can do their job according to them.

  • A tailor can repair all kinds of garments whereas an operator always works in an organization.

  • A tailor is self employed but an operator works under organization and earns money.

Tailoring as Fashion

A tailor is the heart of stitches. They can gain knowledge by doing so. They have knowledge about various textiles, as how to prepare clothes for individual. They know which clothes size will fit their clients; they also know the proper measurements of a cloth. Can easily repair the garment of both men’s and women’s clothes. A tailor is multi talented they choose specific type of garment for specific time. For example a wedding tailor prepares clothes for bride and groom. They have various skills and multi experienced person.

Best Machines

Various sewing machines are available in market for tailors some are mentioned below:-

  • Deluxe sewing machine.

  • GS 1700 machine.

  • Singer 8280, 1507 machine.

  • GS 3700 electric machine and so on.


The word tailor simply denotes neutral. In short we can say a tailor can either be male or a female. The clothes they stitch are original and unique. Passion of tailoring is being seen in women also. They are also working as a tailor in shops. The joy of making dress is skill and art. One of the nice saying is time is very precious and we call time as money, similarly making handmade clothes need time.

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