You might have seen somewhere where some people are using a sewing machine effortlessly. This might seem very easy but this isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a lot of steps which needed to be done other than the simple sewing.

Using an industrial sewing machine is not very difficult but there are certain things which you need to keep in your mind before you start using it. If you are trying to join the sewing industry, you will need to have some level of understanding and you will need to know certain things on how to use an industrial sewing machine.

Different machines in industries

There are basically two types of motors which are used in industries. They are servo motor and clutch motor. They have different types of operation and are used differently as compared to those which are found in domestic machines. All of their basic functions are the same and the choice is completely up to you as to which machine to choose from. This all depends upon your personal taste and you could choose your machines accordingly.

Even when the servo motors are working at full pelt, they are extremely silent and has easier speed control and automatic features as well. There is also speed control in clutch motors which is controlled using a pedal which is mainly used by foot. Clutch motors can get a bit tricky at times also. Domestic Machines has motor encased in the unit head whereas, in the case of industrial machines, there are motors which are mounted separately. The motors are attached to the table for easy access and this can get tricky in domestic machines.

Not suitable for Heavy Duty Projects

You might have heard that many higher power sewing machines are used in heavy duty high-class fine sewing but this isn’t often the case. They are not only meant for heavy duty work but also specialized in other different tasks and works. Some may be for dressmaking purposes whereas there be some for working with the thicker material. It is important that you realize your most suitable machine and work according to it. You will not like it if you finish most of your job on an unsuitable machine and realize it later on.

For this reason, it is highly necessary to understand the capabilities and the specialties of the instrument before the work is commenced.

Machine threading is different

The process of sewing differs in one from another. You need to know the changing of the threads of the machine before you start using the machine. There are certain instructs in every machine which need to be followed in every machine. You should read the instructions carefully and then only will you be able to use the sewing machine. Some machines have similar threading but not all sewing machines have the same threading. You should not be overconfident with the threading and should not use to ensure the best quality of work is maintained every time.


Take the required precaution while using an industrial sewing machine.

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